Tender Writing UK offer solutions to support Health & Social Care Organisations in the production of innovative, stylish, visual and personalised tender submissions - with the core objective of improving your organisations success in winning work.

A key advantage of working with us is the leadership of Clare Kirkman, a Health & Social Care expert with 30 years sector experience which includes ownership of a specialist domiciliary care service prior to its sale in 2004.

Clare continues to work as an International Management Consultant and understands first hand the challenges that Public, Private Sector and Voluntary Health & Social Care Organisations face when bidding for work.

With Clare's knowledgeable leadership, the Tender Writing UK team will support providers to navigate through a competitive market where offering increasing quality and value for money are essential.

We are process driven and understand how to evidence and effectively present the services your organisation provides in response to Commissioner requirements.

As an author Clare is also working on the latest version of ‘Finding Good Care‘ due for release in 2015 and through social media and other research resources, is continuously exposed to a flow of exciting and emerging attitudes and ideas.

All bids are written or overseen by Clare who ensures quality control and value add....more on consulting

The Bid Team: Consisting of the Provider, Writers and Tender Writing UK, the Bid Team will work together in an integrated and cohesive way. This is achieved by using processes, setting out who must do what, how and when and this will help us to :

  • Align our writers thinking with that of your organisation
  • Streamline communication
  • Control the quality and consistency of the information used
  • Be operationally efficient
  • Address important things like your Unique Selling Points (USP's)

Kick off call: Whatever service you choose to use, you can be assured of our commitment to understanding what it is that you do on a daily basis. So the process begins with a pre-arranged 'kick off call'  involving all members of the 'Bid Team' and recorded via our conference facility, for post call dissemination.....more on calls


Interpreting The Commissioners' Requirements

Maybe you would like a 2nd opinion to interpret the Commissioners' needs? Or do you simply want help on how best to pitch your Unique Selling Points to meet the needs of the buyer?.....more on the commissioners' requirements

Evaluating Your Bid

You have written the bid but understand the value of external review. Then we will proof read the final document to ensure the content matches the tender specification and delivers effectively your organisations core values....more on evaluating your bid

Bid Production

Do you want to write your bid in-house but need some guidance and inspiration? Then we can support you through the planning and writing process, resulting in a high quality submission.....more on bid production

Fully Managed Bid Service

We will work with you to gain the high levels of information required to create innovative, visual, powerful, professional, personalised proposal documents. We will strive to make your responses stand out from the rest, taking ownership of the content yet use language that is reflective of the way in which your organisation speaks.....more on fully managed bid service