Quality Control

With hands on experience at every level and through holding various and relevant qualifications, Clare has a keen eye and knows what an excellent service must look like. Her knowledge continues to develop and is based on a foundation of direct hands on experience of consulting across a wide range of services.

As a trainer Clare knows ‘effective training’ when she sees it, and for this reason can also spot ‘ineffective and substandard training.’

Clare has legal training relevant to the sector and her understanding of compliance is not only enviable, but routinely utilised by providers, consumers and legal teams calling on her both informally and formally as an expert witness or to challenge issues on their behalf.

With a continuous presence within the sector Clare does not only write around ‘ideals’ but knows what is happening across the sector and regularly raises awareness of emerging trends and changes of the Health & Social Care landscape.

Value Add

Where providers can meet Commissioner requirements through development of their service, Clare will see the potential gaps and assist providers in exploring the potential to do so. For example, one Client recently felt that they really needed something ‘exceptional’ to stand out when applying for a framework agreement as competition in their geographical location was tough. The provider was however lacking the inspiration to think of what they could do.

Clare suggested a telephone consultation with the provider and through using her Consultancy skills and following a relatively short discussion, covering off the Commissioners objectives and what the provider could realistically offer, it was decided that the bid would include the piloting of a 24-hour manned office.

The provider was not only awarded a place on the framework but the focus of the face to face interviews that followed was the proposed 24-hour offer which has caused a degree of excitement for the Clinical Commissioning Group seeking services.