Commissioners will reflect within the PQQ / ITT documentation, key themes that are important to them at the time of tendering.

So for example, some Local Authorities will prioritise Equality, whilst others may be driven by Environmental Impact.

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) on the other hand, are likely to focus on services that understand ‘Integration‘ and the promotion of ‘Self Care Pathways,’ ‘Social Prescribing‘ and minimising the use of hospital A&E.

Tender Writing UK have a stock library of Health & Social Care policies & procedures that have not only had 100% positive feedback from consumers of the product , but also from CQC inspectors.

With over 200 policies in our library we are likely to have any policies that you are missing or we can assist in developing specific policies to meet your needs.

We can also supply templates such as Care & Support Plans, Do Not Resuscitate, Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans, Behavioural Support Plans and Medication Support Plans.

Additionally we  have ‘Tests of Comprehension’ to evidence that your workforce have read AND understood the policies.

Policies can also be purchased for as little as £15.00 each.